Thursday, 23 August 2012

Filipino Cyclist in Singapore

It's almost a month since my last entry. I've been busy trying to look for a new job. A huge change/decision was made by our employer and lots of people were considered redundant.

Anyway, as they always say - "change is always good". I'll definitely miss working with my former teammates especially my boss which is one of the most considerate team leads that I've ever worked with.

Moving on. A friend of mine recommended this cycling group on Facebook: Filipino Cyclist in Singapore. I joined the Dunearn - Mandail loop group ride; meeting point at Novena Velocity. Great, as I'm just 8 minutes cycling away from the meeting place.

The ride was epic!  There were road bikes, MTB and 3 folding bikes (including mine). When we arrived at Mandai road a guy on a road bike suggested that we change the plan; instead of taking Bukit Timah - Dunearn, it will be better to take a longer ride since a lof of construction is happening at Bikut Timah. The organizer (Mr. A. D.) asked us newbies if we're okay with it and we said --- YES!

I always wanted to see if I can push my body on a longer ride. There was a time I was pedaling really slow and Mr. A. D. advised to lower my gear so I won't easily get tired. He also recommended to focus in increasing my cadence by 80 - 90/minute. It really helped. My legs felt better.

The best part is that the road bike guys asked if we want to climb up Mt. Faber. Oh man, I was so excited. The only incline I had is at Chancery lane, ha-ha! I completed the climb using my lowest gear. Sick man! I love it! I love the burning sensation in my legs!

Lesson learned: Go join a group ride. You can learn a lot from other people by asking, advise and observing. Also, I find it safer since vehicles can easily see a long line of cyclist.

I like this group of riders, they strike me as serious riders in a way that they don't chat too much and take pictures. They just wanted to keep riding. The same rule that my jiu-jitsu coach always tell us, avoid talking much and just keep grappling.

Thanks to Mr. A. D.. The guy in blue jersey and bike that talked to me when I was pedaling very slow. Thanks to everyone that joined the epic 67 km ride :)
Mt. Faber
67 km

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