Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A failed Desaru Ride

October 26 we planned to cycle to Desaru, Malaysia. From east coast park we cycle to Changi Ferry Terminal arriving around 6am, as usual Mang Jing hit 35+ kmh after we told him to take it easy! Unfortunately, the ferry is only opening at 7am. Had some light breakfast nearby and when we got back, the terminal is full of people. Ah, it's holiday in Singapore and everyone is trying to get into the boat.

After an endless wait and carb loading we arrived at Pengerang ferry terminal around 12 noon. The scorching heat is unbearable, riding condition in Malaysia is way different than Singapore. The ride started immediately; after 30km Kuya Silver had a flat tire. It's already past 1pm and there's no way we can reach Desaru then go back to Pengerang to catch the last 3pm ferry. Thus, the group decided to continue riding all the way to Desaru then Johor Bahru to Singapore. Unfortunately, just less than 30km reaching Desaru we had to stop and go back as one of our riders is having leg cramp and can't continue anymore. We decided to go back to another ferry terminal, Tanjong Belungkor which is 30km from where we stopped.

The ride was tough. It was a never ending climb. After you finish a slope another one is just meters away.

Lesson learned:
Ride early.
Bring enough water and consume it wisely.
Make sure all riders in the group almost have the same stamina, endurance and mental push. A group riding in the same speed makes the ride easier.
Pack some bread and power gel supplement. Yes, power gel. I believe in science of supplements.

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