Monday, 23 February 2015

I back with an accident (with an Anderson Silva accent)

I was not able to post for 2 years due to busy schedule and our twin boys.

Anyway, I started cycling again and met some new friends and we started an informal cycling group for fun: Team Balasubas.

Unfortunately, on January 10, 2015 I got hit by a lorry while crossing a junction at Still Rd – Changi Rd.
The accident happened around 5:45AM Saturday which is just 5 minutes away from my place.

I flew off the bicycle right when the lorry hit my right side. LTA arrived and did the investigation and took pictures.  The driver is an old man and said that he did not see me crossing the junction.

Thank God I just suffered sprained left ankle and beat up right shoulder.

Bicycle was 70% useless. Helmet was shattered. So to all those people spreading information that helmet doesn’t help; I wish you more luck and remember to always use a condom. 

Driver offered to pay for the damages.
At first I was reluctant to build another bicycle due to following reasons:
- Risk outweighs the benefit.
- 99.9% of drivers do not respect cyclists on the road and I don't see it changing.
Cycling is just a hobby for me. It is fun and you feel free. However, I’m not passionate or crazy about it. Grappling will always be my passion and hopefully I can go back to training once our kids are easier to take care of. Ahhh! I miss the grind and training for competition where some of us will throw-up.

Anyway, I used the money to build another one without any certainty that I'll be riding again. Maybe use it for short commute or sell it again.
This time I bought a carbon frame. 
2nd hand Focus PRO Stealth matte black. Size 50.
- Some negligible scratches on fork and BB but no functional damage.
- Seller forgot to include the fork compressor / stem cap.  I got one at Bike Terminal for $8.
- Bottom headset bearing is not moving. So I had to pry it open, degrease and repack with grease.
- Front Derailleur cable won't go thru the frame. After checking, the internal cable frame housing is blocked with some mud at the bottom part. I replaced it for $5 from CannAsia Vertex. By the way, mechanic/staff there are awesome. Some shops boringly answer you when you're just buying small things.
Brand new 105 5800 black. Purchased at Cycling Express
Ritchey 80mm
Fizik Cyrano Handlebar R3 made for Snake
I bought it at recent Entro Cycle sale at Ubi.
Bar Tape
Zipp Service Course SL
Seat Post
Re-used my old Polygon alloy seat post. Brand logos removed using acetone.
Astute – alloy rail
Re-used my old Shimano PD-M530 MTB Pedals
2nd hand Mavic Aksium that I bought from a friend.
Re-used my old Cateye Microwireless

It’s fun to build your own bicycle instead of letting a mechanic do it for you. Yes, you need to buy all the tools but you can use that again and again when you need to re-service/clean it after 6 months or 1 year. You can also lend to it your friends/group when they need it. It took me 4-5 hours plus and a couple of beer to finish it. That's probably why I messed-up the bar tape :)

After 1.5 months I started riding again but only at ECP - Changi Coastal Road – Changi Village. I still need to overcome the phobia of riding our usual east and west route. Also, left ankle is still painful when I try to run (NO, I don’t do marathon. I meant running like trying to catch a bus.) and right shoulder is still tight.

That's it for now :) I will try posting again. Ride safe!

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