Sunday, 1 July 2012

Dunearn - Mandai loop 50km

This morning I did the Dunearn - Mandai loop that I saw at Started riding at 7:16 AM and completed around 11:30AM. I got lost when I missed the turn to Mandai road and ended all the way to Sembawang & Woodlands. I managed to get back to Upper Bukit Timah but it was a long detour.

It was very tiring but definitely a great experience and an eye-opener that cycling requires different kind of fitness especially when you're climbing hills / incline road.

At Casuarina, Old Upper Thompson.
Lots of cyclist here: resting and eating at Casuarina Curry.
I sat on a curb for a 10 minute rest.
St. Michaels to Old Upper Thompson

After 10 minutes of rest at Old Upper Thompson I got back on the road again. Unfortunately, I missed turning to Mandai road and ended-up further at the end of Sembawang.

Figured-out how to get to Upper Bukit Timah by Woodlands.

I had a hard time along Dunearn road's incline. It wasn't that steep but fatigue has gotten to me. My legs were burning at the peak of the incline that I got off the bike twice and walked for a bit.
Finish Line at Whampoa Drive.

Lunch at Loy Kee, Whampoa

Loy Kee

Char siew & roast pork rice.

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