Monday, 16 July 2012

Squats, Cycling and Cramping

Last Thursday I did some leg workout in the gym.

Barbell squat: 1x8 (60kg); 1x5 (70kg); 5x5 (80kg); 1x8(60kg)
Front barbell squat: 3x8 (60kg)
Single-leg squat: 3x8 (30kg)

Usually, my legs soreness will last for 2 days; 3 days maximum. However, my recovery seems a little bit slower this time. It’s already Monday (fourth day) and my hamstrings are still very tight and sore. It’s probably due to aging and lack of supplement such as Ensure :D

It’s Monday and it’s bike day to work. I went on with my usual preparations and gave Lab-lab a kiss and text that I’m already going-off while she's asleep. After 1 km I felt a shooting pain in my hamstring and knee. I just ignored it as I already know that it’s probably because my legs haven’t fully recovered yet. As I’m past Boon Keng/Lavender, I was having severe cramps on my hamstring and inner thighs. I stopped at a gasoline station and parked my bike in front of the convenience store to buy Vitamin-water. I was sweating profusely and my vision is a bit blur due to my body is fighting the cramps it’s going through. I sat on a box at the gasoline station and rested for 20 minutes.

I started pushing my bike after I felt better. I decided to walk my bike for a bit just to feel my legs and straighten it. Then I ride the rest of the way back home when I felt that I can pedal again lightly.

Lesson learned: listen to your body.

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