Monday, 9 July 2012

Morning commute with a Brompton

Around City Hall area a guy on a Brompton suddenly appear beside me on a red traffic light. I checked his ride but we did not give each other a nod. Probably too early for a fellow-folder courtesy, haha! No offense taken. Anyway, he’s wearing formal long sleeves, pants, shiny black shoes and no helmet. Once the light turned green he pedaled so fast I can’t even catch-up to him. I was like: ‘What kind of Brompton is he riding? Is Brompton supposed to be faster than my Dahon Speed P8?!’.

This happened for a couple of lights, which is the only time I can catch-up to him, then he breakaway near Cross St.

Next time I see him I'll definitely ask why he's faster than my ride. :D

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