Friday, 27 July 2012

Street Racing

I saw this video and just found out that there’s actually an event for bike messenger street racing.

I don’t care if you kill yourself by putting your own safety in line of danger just to feel the excitement and adrenaline. But once you put other people in danger that sport/act becomes stupid. This event is disgusting and does not help other people appreciate cycling as a sport. They’re not only putting their own life in danger but also those car drivers and pedestrians.

You might say “Oh! You’re just some old, fat, lazy guy who can’t appreciate extreme sports!”

Well, I for one love watching extreme sports such as BMX, motocross, skateboarding, sky diving, sanctioned fighting etc. I don’t even understand any of the rules but hell it’s exciting to watch.

I have friends who are into sports: wrestling, jiu-jitsu, mixed-martial arts fighting, paragliding, base jumping etc. I’ve seen them enjoyed the feeling of adrenaline. Even I participated in jiu-jitsu competition and I don’t care if I get hurt or my opponent; because we both know and agreed that this is a possibility.

What say you?

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