Monday, 11 June 2012

Fast pace = Attentiveness + Agility

After working-out in the gym I went back to the office to get my bicycle. My normal bike ride is 33 - 35 minutes. But this time I pushed the pace faster; I was able to hit 21 minutes. I don’t think I’ll always do this since speed requires more attentiveness and agility. It’s still better to ride at a normal speed which will allow you to enjoy the view.

Based on Endomondo I'm burning around 120 - 155 calories per ride. This is an estimated total of 300 calories per day by bike. I don't think it matters as I eat a lot. :D

Another lesson that I learned from riding for a short time is to buy a lighter helmet that allows more air-flow. My helmet is really hot and heavy which is like a skateboarder’s lid. I'm saving money for GIRO helmet. I read a lot of good reviews about this helmet from both road and off-road bike riders.
Giro Aeon

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