Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Warning: This post was written while the author is suffering from a major vanity seizure.

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I was at the gym today doing my usual workout. I trained my arms and chest by doing the following:

Dips: 1 x 8 bodyweight; 1 x 8 (10kg); 1 x 8 (20kg); 5 x 5 (30kg); 5 x 1 (40kg)
Dumbbell bench: 5 x 3 (25kg)
Chin-ups: from bodyweight – 20kg - 30kg

Anyway, while I was doing my chin-ups one of my usual nod-gym-mates approached me and asked if I was using Hydroxycut, a supplement used to burn fat. It is usually taken by bodybuilders, models, celebrities or anyone that wants to shed those stubborn belly fats to rip-out their 6 pack abs. I said no and told him that I just started commuting by bicycle for more than a month now. He’s actually the third guy in the gym that told me that I got lean. I lost around 3 kilos in a span of 1 month. My current weight is 68kg. Not sure if that’s a good thing as I wanted to increase my weight so that I’m atleast 10% body fat at 75kg. Well, I’ll just keep on drinking milk/milk chocolate as much as I can. Yay, more food!

Another thing, some guys in the gym are asking me about what supplement do I take. I’m not an expert but I believe that supplement shouldn't be a lifter’s first priority neither any workout program. You can have all the program and supplement but if you are not doing compound lift and heavy sets then everything will just go to waste. I’ve been visiting EliteFTS and I read an article that if you train to achieve ‘strength’, everything else will be easier to achieve such as physique. This is the same advice given to me by John, a very strong guy that I met in the gym. He told me to even lower my reps from 5 down to 3 in certain set. I applied this in my squat, deadlift, weighted dips, chip-ups and pull-ups. The thing that impressed me about John is that he had a knee injury that made his left leg paralyzed. After doing a lot of rehabilitation, strengthening and foam-rolling he got back to squatting. For my case, I have herniated disc with sciatica and since I started doing heavier deadlift I was able to strengthen my back. Ofcourse, this is after 1 year and half of therapy, foam-rolling and gradual increase of deadlift weight.

Since we are talking about working out I’m planning to buy an indoor cycling for Lab-lab and a satchel + sunnies. I hope that everything goes well next week at work. Please, please, please!

Here are the supplements that I take in case anyone is interested.
ON Whey protein - 1 scoop morning, 2 scoops after workout, 1 scoop before bed.
Controlled Labs Creatine - 1 scoop 30 minutes before workout. When budget is tight, I don't buy for a month or two. Yes, I'm a stingy person.
Nordic Naturals Fish Oil Omega 3-6-9 - this is a must even for a couch potato!

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