Saturday, 16 June 2012

GIRO Savant

Finally, I got myself a new helmet: GIRO Savant. I bought it for SGD 118.75 after discount of SGD 6.25 at Hup Leong. I also bought a red bottle cage worth SGD 10.

I gave myself two days to decide between Lazer Sphere and GIRO Savant. I opted for GIRO based on the following criteria.

238 grams
255 grams
SGD 125
SGD 150
Better style, color and outside finishing material that make the helmet visually worth your money.
The glossy external finishing of the helmet make it looks like a low-quality helmet. Note: I’m just talking about the look/design here.
Roc Loc 5 system - very light material used. A great modification from their original Roc Loc system.

Rollsys Retention Fit System: This is the thing that I like. It tightens the helmet all-around your head instead of pulling it backward.

The guy who assisted me at Hup Leong fitted the GIRO Savant first on my head. After that he put on the GIRO Aeon and I was shocked on how light and well ventilated it is. You know that it is on your head but you can’t really feel that its there; it is surreal! Unfortunately, the 300+ price tag is way beyond my budget. It’s not practical for me as I’m just a simple bike commuter not a professional racer/touring.

I was able to use it on my ride home and the ventilation on this helmet is really great compared to my previous Bell helmet which is something like a skateboarder will use. I was never tempted to remove it and wipe my head dry while waiting on a red traffic light. I always do that with my enclosed Bell helmet.



Note: The comparison made above between GIRO and Lazer is just my personal opinion (a simple bike commuter). I believe that Lazer is a great helmet; I just based my decision on the price and weight. I'm not an expert/professional. As long as you like your helmet then it’s the best lid in the world. Buy and wear your helmet.


  1. Hi! tell me , please , silver color is more light or more dark?If yuj may write me of this : I like this helmet and want to buy it , but in my city i can not see on it.Because it is enough expensive helmet and dealers dont imported it.
    Very ,very thank!

    1. Hi, the silver color is more light. My helmet's exact model is Giro Savant. There are different models of Giro helmets that you can look at that range around 100 - 150 USD. Just drop by at any local bicycle shop at your place so you'll know the size that will fit your head then you can just buy online.

      Thanks and ride safe.