Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Know your Bike by riding it Hard.

I did a 13 kilometer ride today on the same route with incline at Thompson road, Chancery lane, Balmoral road and Goodwill road.

This time I tried to push the pace harder but I suddenly felt that the handlebar was shaking. A slight turn will wobble the entire front of the bike. I was a bit worried and had to stop to check what's wrong. I tightened the stem bar clamp. It did eliminate the shaking but the ride is still a bit shaky everytime I pushed it hard on incline. I'm still not sure if the stem bar is really the cause or if this is a known problem/issue on folding bikes. I'll try to ask around and do some research and will update this entry if I get any good findings.

06-27-2012 Ride

Update: I've been following a guy on Instagram and he's a bike enthusiast and we both have the same Dahon Speed P8. I asked him about this problem and confirmed that he experienced the same thing. He advised to tighten the bolt on the handlebar. He even provided a picture to show which bolt to tighten. Awesome guy! It did fix the problem!

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