Saturday, 16 June 2012

The Adobo Workout

There are tons of fad workouts flying around: Insane workout, P90X, Cross-Fit. You name it, they have it.

Well I have my own version of working out that is definitely fun and delicious. It's called 'The Adobo Workout'

I took my bike out tonight to buy some vinegar as I'm planning to cook pork adobo for dinner. Guess what? As I'm about to reach the grocery store I continued to pedal all the way to Thompson Road -> Chancery Lane -> Balmoral Road -> Stevens Rd -> Goodwill Rd.

I ended up riding for an hour with lots of uphill road at Chancery Lane, Balmoral and Goodwill. Yay! On my way home I finally bought the precious vinegar and got in some good workout at the same time.

Variety of vinegar
Rice Vinegar
Chinkiang (vinegar used for dumplings)
Pork adobo

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