Tuesday, 5 June 2012

the Queen of comfort

I'm hopping back on my bicycle this Thursday, excited! After nursing my perineum injury for more than one week I think I'm ready to cycle again to and from work (just a total of 16km). I did a short ride to the market last Sunday using my Rido R2 saddle and Pearl Izumi inner pants and I can totally feel the comfort on my perineum. The cushion inside the pants really help my perineum not to hit the side of the saddle which a bit hard and tend to feel sharp when you're pedaling for some time. Rido R2 also provided additional comfort by making sure that I'm well elevated.

Conclusion: Rido R2 + Pearl Izumi inner pants = COMFORT.

Anyway, I was watching videos on YouTube and suddenly bump into Queen’s bicycle race video. I grew-up listening to Queen as my daddy will buy tons of Queen’s cassette tape; I think we have atleast 10 copies of the same album. Same goes for Abba, Beegees, Beachboys, Star on 45, Jim Croce etc. I always loved Freddie Mercury; very talented musician, performer and lyrical genius. One thing I really like about him is he doesn’t care what he looks like on stage. Unlike most musicians/performers nowadays trying to hypnotize their fans that fashion or looks makes great music. Ugh!

Enjoy this R18 video. Warning! You might see your mom or grandma naked in this video. :D

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