Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A date with an angel

Its Lab-lab’s off this week. Yay!

-         Send money back home
-         Dinner at Wendys at Wheelock place, Orchard.
-         Visit Outdoorlife branch at Wheelock place, Orchard.
-         Coffee at Starbucks

Well it didn’t exactly go as planned. It’s more like this:
-         I queued at the remittance center to send money back home, while she had a pedicure nearby.
-         Pedicure lasted more than an hour. Thus, no more visit to Outdoorlife since it is already closed.
-         Dinner changed to Spize Rivervalley road.
-         Then went back to Wheelock place, Orchard to have coffee at Starbucks

Even everything didn’t go exactly as we planned it; I still had fun with my lovely Lab-lab and Arya (the name she gave her Goyard bag).


Spize: Nasi Goreng Pattaya and Ikan Bilis

Coffee night with Arya

She still had her Wendy's vanilla frosty

Not everyone can say that they kissed an angel

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