Sunday, 27 May 2012

Rido R2 Saddle and Weicon

I visited My Bike House to buy the Rido R2 saddle as I'm having severe discomfort in my perineum area. The bike consultant/sales at MyBikeShop allowed me to test the saddle by riding it around the area, enough for me to test and feel if the saddle will hit my crotch & perineum area. I tried to hit as much bump and uneven pavement to check if it will be painful. The Rido R2 saddle lived up to their claim that this saddle will relieved bikers of the said discomfort. The elevated area provide minimum contact between your part and the saddle.

Once I got home, I installed it on my bike and tried it around for a couple of rounds and I felt like that the saddle is pushing my body toward the handlebar which causes too much strain/fatigue on my arms & shoulder. Adjusting the saddle a little bit forward solved the problem.

I'm excited to ride back to work on Wednesday.

Since the travel took me an hour, I decided to buy necessary things for the bike that I won't be able to find around the city area. I bought a Weicon degreaser, lube and foam spray.

Rido R2

Nothing else should come
between you and your bicycle

Bike frame cleaner, degreaser & lube spray

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