Thursday, 17 May 2012

First ride to work

It's my first ride to work. Yehey! I already planned this two days ago but when I woke-up today it was drizzling. I waited for 40 minutes and shouted "You shall stop!!! (in Gandalf voice). Ala, the rain stopped. Now, it's time to take out "my precious".

The ride was a bit slower than I hoped due to wet & slippery road. It took me 50 minutes from Boon Keng to Lau Pa Sat. My target is 30-40 minutes. I even lost control when I tried to go faster on a downhill ramp. Anyway, it was a fun ride even there's some mud all over my ass & back because Tyrion doesn't have a mud guard. Oh, and I was sweating like a hog when I reached the parking area. Haha!

Locker and shower room keys

50 minutes from Boon Keng to Asia Square

I also bought a headlight and rear light at LifeCycle Singapore. The guys there were really helpful and knowledgeable. Awesome bike store + Travel + Cafe.

Voyager 2.0 (front)
Smart Super Flash (rear)

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