Thursday, 24 May 2012

The North Face versus Goyard

I visited Outdoor Life Pte Ltd @ Novena - Velocity and I found a perfect bag to latch onto the handlebar: The North Face - travel canister. This bag can hold your important items such as keys, wallet, phone, toiletries. I believe it's a must to have atleast a small bag to put those important items while riding and at the parking area. Knowing where to get/put things while parking will save you a lot of sweat, literally! It comes with a built-in hook so that you can hang it on a towel bar. You can also use those small handles around the bag for your toothbrush, shaver, eyewear etc. You can also hang small towel into those holes by tying a knot on one end of the towel and shoot the other end into the hole. This will give you easy access to your towel while riding on a hot day.

If you're looking for any sport or outdoor related gears, I highly recommend Outdoor Life Pte Ltd. They have tons of awesome items stock in there. Lab-lab was so bored because I was checking each item inside the store for almost an hour. Thanks Lab-lab for tolerating the little boy in me :D

I love going to these kind of stores: sports, DIY, hardware etc. You'll be surprised on what you can build by simply piecing things together.

The North Face - Travel canister
56 SGD

I used a GearTie to easily latch/remove the bag on the handle bar.
GearTie 18 SGD

On our way to Novena Velocity.
Lab-lab is still smiling and jolly.
She doesn't know that she'll be bored to death where we are going.

Awesome customized bike displayed @ Novena Velocity

Outdoor Life Pte. Ltd.

Dinner at Wee Nam Kee
One of the best chicken rice in Singapore

Now Lab-lab is happy.
She finally got her Goyard Saint Louis PM bag straight from Paris.
Sexy biker on her way to Rue St-Honoré, Paris.

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