Monday, 14 May 2012

Sabado night and locks

I just bought a u-lock for my Dahon Speed P8 at Trek @ Tanglin road. Unfortunately, I can't find a spot where to mount it in the bike frame. The mount strap is too short to wrap around the thick frame. Thus, I'll just carry the lock in my bag.

Trek U-lock by Kryptonite
SGD 65
Chain with alarm
I'm not sure if I still need to
buy this as an additional lock.
SGD 83

Sabado night with Tyrion at YSW seafood restaurant
Tyrion and my favorite chicken curry rice worth SGD 6.50

To buy list:
Ringer (red color).
Front headlight & rear light. I found a pair in Trek for SGD 95.
Strap to wrap bag.
Bike bag (optional) - I can ride with my current backpack.
Bottle cage (silver) (optional) - I can just put my water bottle inside my bag.

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